Origami Mushrooms

These are models that I've folded (or at least attempted ).

2-Dimensional (flat) models

Creator Source Photo
Kunihiko Kasahara Origami made easy (1973)
also in: Minori magazine 1998-3 ?
Afonkin, Sergei Russian Origami.
OUSA Convention Book 1996
Slayton, Matt PDF diagram;
probably the same as in OUSA Convention Book 1995

3-Dimensional models

Creator Source Photo
Maarten van Gelder http://origami.kvi.nl/models/index.htm [possibly the same as:
BOS Magazine 159 April 1993;
OUSA Convention Book 1993;
Orison 04/05 (sep 1988)
Le Pli Numero 053 1993-02 ?
Orison 04/05 (sep 1988) ? ]
I'm still confused by the last few locking steps
Robinson, Nick Origami Bible, The
Uses A4 or similar rectangle.
Vincent Floderer Sheets from Notebook; see the demonstration video on YouTube  
This is an amazing approach to origami! Best with wrapping or butcher paper.
Joost Langeveld diagrammed online
Uses A4 or other rectangle. Joost calls this version the 'Penny Bun'. It is pretty much the same as his Red Amanita. The model isn't 'clean' - its sort of a loose version of Nick Robinson's.


mushroom from a dollar bill found on the origami-l list.