My first origami book was 'My Origami Animals and Fishes' (Crown, 1964 - no author listed). I still have it. My interest in folding was renewed when I was teaching at the Cape Cod Outdoor Education Center. Later on, the internet put me in touch with Origami-l, an email listserv for enthusiasts.

A good place to start learning origami is to Fold a Crane for Peace: Thousand Cranes Peace Network Home Page (here is another crane diagram )

The canonical reference for information on the web is Joseph Wu's page.

Currently, I am tracking down all the models that match my other interests. These include:

You can find models that match your own interests in the origami database .

Some favorite sites

The Geometry Junkyard: Origami - as a business card collector, I got a kick out of the Menger's sponge picture.

David Brill

Happy Folder - diagrams and videos

Origami resource center -diagrams

Fishgoth Stephen O'Hanlon