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Robert Benchley

Elsa Maxwell

In no particular order...
December 8, 1894
Columbus, OH
James Grover Thurber d. November 2, 1961

humor, fiction; contemporary of Robert Benchley

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b. June 24, 1842
Meigs County, Ohio
Ambose Gwinnett Bierce d. 1914?

humor, satire,war

Ambose Bierce Appreciation Society

A Must read: The Devil's Dictionary.

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b. January 30th, 1935
Tacoma, Washington
Richard Brautigan d. September? October 25?, 1984
Bolinas?, CA

poetry, fiction, surreal, humor

The Brautigan Pages

A fitting poem for cyber-environmentalists: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan

Free poems.


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b. July 16, 1928
Robert Sheckley d. December 9,2006
Vassar Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY

sci-fi, short story, novel

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Sheckley has been writing creative and humorous science fiction since the Golden Age in the 50's. If you find most science fiction formulaic, and devoid of emotion, try Sheckley.

Although widely respected among fellow SF writers, and nominated for a Hugo (1959, Best Novel, 'Time Killer'), and several Nebulas (1965, Best Novellette, 'Shall we'; 1972, Best Short Story, 'Zhirn'; 1975, Best Novel, 'Options'; 1976, Best Short Story, 'Never Ending Western Movie'), the only award he has won is a Jupiter (1973). Who can explain the mysteries of life?

I first discovered him through a re-broadcast of the old time radio show, X Minus one, featuring "Skulking Permit". You can find this story in Galaxy, Dec. 1954
also in Citizen in Space, (Ballantine, 1955);
The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley (Bantam, 1979).

b. April 9, 1821
Charles Baudelaire d. August 31, 1867

French, Poet, critic, literary legend.

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b. February 5, 1914
William Seward Burroughs d. August 2, 1997
Lawrence, KS

Revolutionized literature.

The William S. Burroughs Files

b. June 3, 1926
Newark, New Jersey
Allen Ginsberg d. April 5, 1997
East Village, New York City

Revolutionary poet, beat, activist

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b. January 29, 1927
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Edward Paul Abbey d. March 14, 1989
"Fort Llatikcuf", near Tucson, Arizona

fiction, non-fiction, activist, environmentalist

Rabble-rouser, curmudgeon, and eloquent speaker for the beauty of the Earth, or at least the American southwest desert.

Abbey's Web. (If his writings make you feel guilty about abusing the Earth, consider what you can do .

b. September 19, 1932
Chicago, IL
Mike Royko d. April 29, 1997,
Chicago, IL

newspaper columnist, realist, humor, satire

The voice of Chicago, and people everywhere.

Some of his columns

FBI files .

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b. 23 January? November 18? 1930
Shanghai, China
J. G. Ballard
James Graham Ballard

Still kickin'

Science fiction, bizarre

J. G. Ballard official web site.

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b.March 23, 1923
Bob Elliot
Robert Brackett Elliott

'Bob' of 'Bob and Ray'

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b. March 20, 1922
Ray Goulding
d. March 24, 1990

'Ray' of 'Bob and Ray'

Bob and Ray

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