Books written by Robert Benchley

Title Year Illustrate publisher Editor remarks
Of All Things 1921 Gluyas Williams (uncred.) Holt? Garden City Publishing?   Dedicated to Henry Bessamer;
preface = the Declaration of Independence.
Love Conquers All 1922 Gluyas Williams? Holt    
Pluck and Luck 1925 Gluyas Williams Holt    
The Early Worm 1927 Gluyas Williams ack:John Held, Jr., for engravings; Carol Goodner, title;   Holt? Blue Ribbon Books-reprint
20,000 Leagues under the Sea, or David Copperfield 1928 Gluyas Williams? Holt? (reprint by Blue Ribbon Books,1946)    
The Treasurer's Report, and other aspects of community singing 1930 Gluyas Williams Harper? Grosset & Dunlap?    
No Poems: or around the world backwards and sideways 1932 Gluyas Williams Harper    
From Bed to Worse (or, comforting thoughts about the bison) 1934 Gluyas Williams? Harper    
My 10 years in a Quandary, and how they grew. 1936 Gluyas Williams(uncred.) Harper (reprint: Blue Ribbon Books 1940)    
After 1903, What? 1938 Gluyas Williams. Harper    
Inside Benchley 1942 Gluyas Williams. Harper
(later, Grosset & Dunlap)
  collected from earlier books, 1921 - 42;
from preface: "While thumbing through some... "
Benchley Beside Himself 1943 Gluyas Williams Harper   collected from earlier books, 1921 - 43;
includes photos from movie stills
Benchley - Or Else! 1947 Gluyas Williams Harper   collected from earlier books,1932 - 47
Chips off the old Benchley 1949 Gluyas Williams Harper selection by Gertrude Benchley Introduction by Frank Sullivan;
largely previously unpublished in book form.
The "Reel" Benchley 1950 G. Hornsby A. A. Wyn-NY   Forward by Howard Dietz;
text and photos from movie stills of six short subjects.
The Benchley Roundup 1959 Gluyas Williams? Harper selected by Nathanial Benchley Foreward by Nathaniel;
collected from earlier books;
reprinted as The Robert Benchley Omnibus
Benchley Lost and Found 1970 Gluyas Williams? Dover   Essays from Liberty magazine;
previously unpublished
A Good Old-fashioned Christmas. 1981 Gluyas Williams Ipswich Press-MA Charles Getchell? Foreward by Charles Getchell?;
18 collected X-mas related stories.
The best of Robert Benchley 1983 Peter Arno, Herbert F. Roese, Adam John Barth, and others Avenal    
Benchley at the Theater: Dramatic criticism 1920-1940. 1985 Gluyas Williams; endpiece Fred G. Cooper Ipswich Press-MA Charles Getchell Introduction by Getchell;
drama reviews from Life and The New Yorker