My Fave Artists

In no particular order ...
b. 16 May 1951,
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Johnathon Richman  
b. September 8, 1932
Winchester Memorial Hospital, Winchester, Virginia
Patsy Cline
Virginia Patterson Hensley
d. March 5, 1963
June 15, 1941
Brooklyn, NY
Harry Edward Nilsson d. January 15, 1994

b. March 2, 1950
New Haven, CT
Karen Anne Carpenter
d. February 4, 1983
Downy, CA

b. November 27, 1942
Seattle, WA
Jimi Hendrix
James Marshall Hendrix
d. September 17, 1970
London, England.
b. December 19, 1940
El Paso, TX
Phil Ochs
Philip David Ochs
April 9, 1976
Far Rockaway, NY

All Hail
The Shaggs.

Guy Capuzzo won an Eastman Graduate Teaching Assistant Prize for 1996-97. He read a paper at the 1997 MTSNYS conference entitled, "Pitch-Space Ordering Types in the Recent Solo Music of Elliott Carter." A second paper, entitled "Three Dilettantes, Two Recording Contracts, One Chronic Schizophrenic: Some Issues Raised by The Shaggs and Wesley Willis," was read at an Eastman Theory Symposium. Guy's second book, Theory for the Contemporary Guitarist, is enjoying strong sales both in the U.S. and internationally, and is being translated into German for a 1998 release there. Having passed the PhD Qualifying Exams in May of 1997, Guy is working on a dissertation on Carter's recent music. He is writing in New Jersey, Heidelberg, and Basel.


b. Oct 9 1940
John Lennon d. Dec 8 1980
b. January 8, 1947
Brixton, London, UK
David Bowie
David Robert Jones
b. March 3, 1953
West London, England
Robyn Hitchcock
b. January, 1954
Mount Vernon, NY
"Dr." Eugene Chadbourne
d. ?

b.November 12, 1945
Neil Young
Neil Percival Young
d. ?
b. March 2, 1942
Brooklyn, New York
Lou Reed
Lewis Allen Reed
d. ?
Harry Belafonte
d. ?
b.July 14, 1912
Okemah, Oklahoma
Woody Guthrie
Woodrow Wilson Guthrie
d. October 3, 1967
Creedmoor State Hospital, Queens, New York