Elsa Maxwell - Her Voice and Music

by Elsa Maxwell (1959)

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From the rear jacket:
Cover from original painting by Simon Elwes (Royal Academy, London).

"This album of Elsa Maxwell's songs proves conclusively that anything can happen."
-- Richard Rogers.

Elsa Maxwell is known to millions. Here on this long-playing record is a facet that seems to be known only by the chosen few. There are many sides to her. Such great starts as Nora Bayes, Jack Norworth, Grace La Rue, Ina Claire and many others sang Miss Maxwell's songs in revues of their day. Lauritz Melchior, Mme. Melba, Eleanor Steber, Lawrence Tibbett and other concert stars have sung Miss Maxwell's serious music in her concerts. Here is a woman who is proven accomplished composer of music. In the past she has written many songs for musicals that have had international acclaim and suddenly has gone on to other fields. When asked about this Miss Maxwell said: "It is strange, but the things mot people do best, they seem to neglect, and take them for granted. I am no different. I think I write music better than anything else I can do, but I neglect it - and I love it more than anything else."