Our Response
to the Wisconsin State Journal's editorial.

To the Editor:

Your recent editorial ('Cars: Not the polluters we thought' 12/9/99) convinces us that cars are now so clean that their exhaust is cleaner than the ambient air. So why waste it? It's obvious that the time has come for our unique invention, the Dashpipe (tm). Instead of releasing exhaust into the atmosphere, our innovative product vents exhaust to the dashboard, so that the driver and any passengers can enjoy this quality product firsthand.

We're sure you'll agree that this is a great idea. We're offering you, the editorial board, the chance to be the first owners of this unique device--it's sure to be a standard feature in the upscale cars of the future. Contact us for details.

--Darin Burleigh, Tim Wong, Co-Proprietors
Dashpipe, Inc.