Shibayama Haniwa Festival

a.k.a Haniwa Matsuri Festival

Is held on the second Sunday of November, at the Museum.

Excavations of burial mounds in this area have revealed fine examples of "haniwa" clay figures, which take such forms as horses, soldiers and courtiers. The burial mounds and the items on display at Shibayama Haniwa Museum offer insights into ancient Japanese customs.
Shibayama Ancient Mound Haniwa Museum
Shibayama Machi
Access: By bus, 46 min. from Keisei Narita Stn.
Access: (1) Keisei Line from Ueno Sta. to Narita Sta., and 30 min. by taxi to Shibayama-machi. (2) JR Sobu Line to Matsuo Sta., and 20 min. by taxi to Shibayama-machi.

Adult: 200yen; Child: 100yen
Closed on Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), the year-end and New Year Holidays
30 minutes by bus from Narita Station, JR Narita Line or Keisei Line

Note This may or may not be the same as the Haniwa festival, held in early November at the Mitsumata Fureai Park. in Kasugai.

About the area: The Narita area.

The Simousa area, Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Boso Fudoki-no-oka Museum
Sakae Machi
This museum is located in the vast expanse of the Ryukakuji Ancient Burial Mounds, where over 100 tombs were found, including the Iwaya Ancient Burial Mounds. The Archives hold a collection of archaeological finds from within Chiba Prefecture. Also on this site are the reconstructed hall of Gakushuin Elementary School dating back to the Meiji era and old farm houses of historical and architectural value.
Closed on Mondays (or Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), any day following a national holiday, year-end and New Year's holidays Transportation: 5 minutes by bus from Ajiki Station on the JR Narita Line

Kasuagai Haniwa Festival

at Mitsumata Fureai Park.

Haniwa Michi (Haniwa Alley) is also in Kasugai.