Diter and the Clouds, a Legend

A man, a cloud, a legend.
A man with a cloud on his head.
A drinking man and a good man.
An inventor whose droppings falls softly but heavily.

Diter and a cloud.
Diter a friend.
A cloud.

Diter flying over the rivers, dropping the T's into them.
Diter laughing at the clouds and making letters through them.
Letters fly all over the place.

A man with the clouds in his knapsack.
A man with the clouds in his eyes.
A man with the lightning in his pockets.

Laughing at Coney Island, beginning again with the once of Pop Art, laughing on the ferris wheel and speaking of fishes of Iceland and magical places. Speaking of turd and naming a turd that isn't being one and calling for more clams, more clams. Who invented clouds anyhow?

Barton, VT
July 1968
from: Foew&ombwhnw
a grammar of the mind and a phenomenology of love and a science of the arts as seen by a stalker of the wild mushroom

by Dick Higgins.
Something Else Press, 1969.
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